Exploring sexy celebs

Canary Wharf escorts said that more and more celebs seem to be using their sexuality to promote their music, movies or other wares. They say that many celebs seem to be switch hitters, and drift from one type of sexuality to others.

I was chatting to a group of Canary Wharf escorts who came into to visit us here at the Better Sex offices the other day, and we ended up talking about celebs. One of the Canary Wharf escorts said that she thought that Miley Cyrus has lost the plot, and is just copying the Madonna of old. Kissing in public and on stage is nothing new, and it was originally Madonna who provided is with this bit of shock promotional tactic.

The question that Canary Wharf escorts would like an answer to is quite simply if all of this is real, or is it fake? Celebs do have a tendency to live in the world of THE FAKE, and it isn’t just Canary Wharf escorts who think there is too much of this so called Sexual Exploration going on.

The dangers of shifting sexuality

Knowing who you are sexually is probably one of the most important factors of life. Many young people growing up today find it difficult to put a finger on their own sexuality explain Canary Wharf escorts. Celebs are always talking about exploring their sexuality, and having relationships with same sex partners or partners from a different sex.

Canary Wharf escorts and I keep wondering what this is doing to our young people today, and if we shouldn’t just step back and ask ourselves what is going on. Young people often find growing up really difficult, and many of these young people follow many of these celebs. The problem comes when these celebs change their sexuality, or sexual outlook from week to week. What do our children think?

We should ask ourselves if this is a healthy situation, and how are children are influenced by this type of behaviour. Does it mean that they are interested in homosexuality one week, or keen to explore their heterosexual side the next week? Growing up in today’s modern cyber world is difficult enough without having to put up with celebs who can’t define their sexuality.

Are Celebs harmful to our young children?

Can celebs behaviour be harmful to young children? This is an important question to ask as I am always finding myself having to try to explain celebs behaviour to my young daughter. She doesn’t understand why some singers feel they have to kiss their fellow performers, or why some of them more or less seem to be promoting drugs.

If my daughter feels that way it must be thousands of other children feeling the same way, and I wonder if they speak to their parents about the issue. It would be dreadful to think that many children are trying to deal with this problem on their own.

Should we start to talk more about the bad behaviour of celebs to our kids? I do my utmost to explain why some celebs do the things they do, but at the same time I think the celebs have some responsibility to the young people who buy and download their music.

Sex Trends or Sex Fashion

Can sex be trendy? Apparently so claims a bunch of New York escorts. Sex can be just as trendy as many of the other fashions going around, but London escorts are not sure that sex can be trendy. Having a chat to a group of Heathrow escorts, I discovered that most of them still think that it is down to personal needs and what turns us on.

Here at Better Sex we are really interested in this topic, and to be honest we have not noticed any sex trends here in London. Are New York escorts wrong or right? We sat down to debate the topic, and to see what our expert team of top Heathrow escorts thought about this concept of trendy sex.

Trendy Sex

Is there such thing as trendy sex? Sometimes New York escorts come up with the craziest ideas. The latest is fashionable sex , or trendy sex but I would ask myself if it really exists.

Apparently across the pond they are now into no penetration sex which means that couples do not longer climax inside each other. It is said to lower the disease risk, and also make it easier for you to have “quick sex” So, what are you supposed to do? I could just imagine myself saying “Good morning darling, fancy a quick hand job before you got to work?” Honestly, is this the future of sex?

It all sounds a bit strange to me and the escorts I work with agree with me. It is just one of these crazy ideas that comes out of the United States every so often, and it makes you wonder why so many nutty ideas are generated there.

If we don’t ever have penetrative sex, there is going to be an awful lot of gravestones out there with the inscription “returned unopened.” Use it or loose it I say, but perhaps the Americans have a different idea.

This would really finally knock the wind out of the sails of the porn industry, and for some reason, I think this is what the Americans are after. They do after all have a very strange attitude towards sex.

Sex in the USA

It seems that sex in the USA is still something that is mostly swept under the carpet. This is the country that produces some of the most sexually explicit dance and music videos in the world but seldom acknowledge sex. Having lived in the US, I know that sex is still quite a taboo subject.

At my American university there were still students who took chastity very seriously. I thought it was really nuts that a group of smart people believed it was vital to be virgins when they got married. After a weekend, many of the girls I spoke talked about going almost all the way with their boyfriends, and I personally found it unbelievable. But there you go, such is life in the US.

Well, if we are now to believe US escorts we should not be having penetrative sex because of health reasons. Does that mean that blow jobs are out of the question as well? It would be interesting to learn a bit more about this opinion, and tonight I will be surfing the net to find out if this crazy idea has come right out of the American Bible belt?

What age is too old for sex

My friends who work as London escorts and myself had a good laugh at the idea of that you shouldn’t explore your sexuality at the age of 50. This is the time of life when you are more confident, and perhaps have the time to explore this part of your personality. Up until then, most of us have been busy with childcare, and it is only after the age of 50 the pressure comes off a little bit.

I am almost 50, and I think that may sex life is a lot better know than it was when I was 20 years old. Many London escorts say that their dates are people in their 50’s who often talk about their sex lives, and how important they have become to them. London escorts say that it sounds like many people do start to exploring their sexuality after the age of 50, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Fifty and sexy

One of my my friends who works for a London escorts agency said that she had read an article called Fifty and Filthy. It was not about gardening that she had initially thought, it was all about sex for people over 50. It seemed that people over 50 have more sex and better sex in their 50’s, and are much happier with their sex lives than they were when they were younger.

Sex has all of a sudden become a pleasure, and something to be enjoyed. According to one group of London escorts, this is often the age we start trying to new things such as going to Swingers parties, and perhaps trying a bit of bondage.


Is bondage so strange? A couple of London escorts recently pointed out to me that you can now even buy starter bondage kits on the popular shopping site Groupon. I decided to take a look at Groupon, and sure enough, there they were. Interesting I thought, and after a little bit of further exploration, I noticed that most people who use Groupon are over 50. That means that probably a lot of them buy the bondage kits and sex toys that are available on Groupon.

Dating Someone Older

A couple of London escorts pointed out to me that their boyfriends are older, and that they have a great time together with them both in everyday life and in the bedroom. They seem to be more accepting, and at the same time they are more caring. They want to ensure that you have a good time in bed just as much as they do, and will spend extra time on foreplay. Perhaps that is one of the most important thing when making love when you are older – you have more time for it.

You also care less where you make love or have sex. It can be on the sofa, bathroom or the kitchen table. It is at this age, it has finally dawned on you, that sex is a pleasure to be enjoyed.

I think that if you spoke to the average 50 year old, you will find that him or her, have a really good sex life and are more willing to explore than a younger person.

Dealing With An Adolescent Who Is Exploring Their Sexuality

Dealing With An Adolescent Who Is Exploring Their Sexuality


Sexual identity can be a tricky topic to bring up with your child. It’s too often  that parents ignore signs that a child might be struggling with their sexual  identity. While things are getting better for the LGBT community, there is  still plenty of work to do. There are many mixed messages that children get  while growing up. By the time that they become teenagers and start  exploring their sexuality, it can be hard to connect. There is a line that many  parents draw. It’s important not to be overbearing or judgmental when it  comes to sexuality, but it is important to teach any young adult about safe sexual behaviors.

In order to help children through this challenging time, it is best to be open and honest with them. If your child indicates that she or he is gay or bisexual, it is best to not judge. For all parents this can come as a major shock, but it is important to reserve judgment. The world still defines sexuality as a set standard, so it is hard to separate personal feelings. It may take some time before you and your child are comfortable with their choices. That is fine as well. The important thing is to show your child that you love them regardless of what their sexual identity is.

It is also important to note that sometimes conclusions about sexuality are drawn prematurely. In fact, most people are typically on a scale between 100% heterosexual and 100% homosexual. There are times when young people believe that they are homosexual, only to find later that this may perhaps not be the case. This is not to say that it is choice. The point is to indicate that people fall on different parts of the scale. As well, this can change throughout the course of one’s life. Do not make the judgment that anything an adolescent says about their sexual identity is necessarily final.

Lastly, it is important to keep an open mind. The adolescent years are very confusing for many people, which is why you need to show support for your children. Their sexual identity does not define who they are as people. It is important to make them feel welcome, no matter what they are feeling about their sexual identity. Luckily, the world is becoming more accepting of all kinds of sexual relationships, but that doesn’t mean that a gay or bisexual teen will not face any hardships. Empathizing with your child during this time period is of the utmost importance.

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